General terms and conditions of contract


General terms and conditions of contract

General Terms and Conditions Of Contract

1. Subject

These general terms and conditions (GTC) govern the online methods of purchasing Tickets for visits to STEP FuturAbility District and the booking of Tickets for free activities included in the scientific and cultural programme.

2. Definitions

The following definitions apply to these GTC:

Consumer Code: Legislative Decree no. 206 of 6 September 2005, as amended.

STEP: an interactive multimedia experience in which visitors learn their aptitude and propensity for the future and the digital revolution in progress. STEP also offers a wide array of free scientific and cultural activities (workshops, laboratories and seminars) on digital topics.

STEP is a project 'inspired by Fastweb'.

Fastweb: Fastweb S.p.A., a single-member company managed and coordinated by SWISSCOM A.G., based in Milan, Piazza Adriano Olivetti 1 and registered with the Milan Company Register with tax code and VAT number 12878470157. Fastweb is a leading player on the telecommunications market, specialising in telecommunications and broadband communications, and coordinator of the STEP project.

Ticket or Digital Ticket: the document issued by Fastweb that gives the Customer the right to enter the Event Venue. Sent in PDF format, the ticket permits access to STEP and does not need to be substituted with a paper ticket. The buyer may, at their discretion: show STEP staff their ticket directly from their smartphone or print out the PDF file received on A4 paper and present it to staff at the entrance to STEP for a quick barcode/QR code check.

Programme Activity: a free activity included in the scientific and cultural programme for which a Ticket must be booked.

Customer: the person who purchases and/or books the Tickets using the online sales channels provided.

Contract of Sale or Contract: contract concluded between the Customer and Fastweb for the online purchase of Tickets to visit STEP and the booking of Programme Activities, which shall be governed by these GTC, by the information provided on the website prior to the conclusion of the contract, including, pursuant to art. 49 et seq. of the Consumer Code, the Regulations and the notices on the back of the Ticket.

Event: the activity to which the Ticket relates, which may refer to the Visit or a Programme Activity.

Event Venue: the place inside STEP where the activity to which the Ticket refers takes place.

Visit: entry to the STEP interactive experience for which a Ticket must be purchased. The visit lasts for about 50 minutes and refers to a specific day and time.

Website or Site: the STEP website through which Tickets can be purchased for STEP events (

Regulations: The Regulations are the rules that govern access to STEP spaces and are published on the Website and also available from the STEP reception desk.

3. Online purchases

3.1 The offer and sale of Tickets on the Website is a contract executed remotely subject to Chapter I, Title III (Articles 45 et seq.) of the Consumer Code and by Legislative Decree no. 70 of 9 April 2003, which regulates electronic commerce, and as amended, as well as the general regulations contained in the Italian Civil Code.

3.2 These GTC may be amended at any time. Any changes will be in force from the moment they are published on the Website in the “Terms and Conditions of Purchase” section. Users are therefore advised to consult the most up-to-date version of the GTC before making any purchase.

3.3 The applicable GTC are those in force on the date of the order to purchase a Ticket. Before concluding the Contract, the User must carefully read all the information provided, both before and during the purchase process, and examine and approve these GTC, by checking the appropriate box made available to the User during the purchase process and before concluding the Contract.

3.4 Tickets may only be purchased on the Website after registering in the special section for the purchase of Tickets. Natural persons must be at least 18 years old to purchase Tickets.

3.5 Fastweb reserves the right to refuse or cancel ticket purchase orders by

(i) a User with whom it has a pending legal dispute;

(ii) a User who has previously breached these GTC and/or the terms and/or conditions of the Contract;

(iii) a User who has been involved in fraud of any kind and, in particular, credit card fraud;

(iv) Users who have provided false, invented, fictitious, incomplete or in any case inaccurate identification data and/or in any way not corresponding to the truth or referring to third parties, or who have not sent Fastweb the documents required under specific procedures in a timely manner or who have sent it invalid documents;

(v) a User who has violated the restriction set out in Article 3.7 below.

3.6 Registration in the Ticketing section of the Website is free of charge. In order to register and create an account, Users must fill in the registration form and enter the required personal data, as well as an e-mail address and password. It is absolutely and strictly forbidden for Users to enter, for the purposes of registering with the Website, the personal data of third parties or false, invented, fictitious data and/or data not, in any way, corresponding to the truth.

3.7 Each User may only register one account on the Website. It is therefore absolutely and strictly forbidden for the User to create multiple accounts on the Website referring to the same natural person and/or legal entity, and/or to companies and/or bodies of any kind, even using truthful data. In the event of a breach of this restriction, subject to the provisions of Article 3.6 above, Fastweb reserves the right to close all accounts belonging to the same natural person and/or legal entity, and/or the same company and/or the same entity. The User also agrees to indemnify and hold Fastweb harmless from any damage, obligation to pay compensation and/or penalty arising from and/or in any way connected with the User's breach of the restriction set out in this clause.

3.8 By registering on the Website, Users may, via their confidential and personal account, access their “Personal Area” and perform the following activities:

  • view a record of all Tickets purchased;
  • manage their personal data and change them at any time;
  • change their password;

3.9 The registration credentials (e-mail address and password) must be stored with extreme care and attention. They may only be used by the User and may not be shared with third parties. Users undertake to keep them secret and to ensure that no third party has access to them. Users also undertake to inform Fastweb immediately by contacting it using the contact information given in Art. 11, if they suspect or become aware that their credentials have been used inappropriately or unduly disclosed.

3.10 Users warrant that the personal data they provide during the registration process or at any time thereafter are complete, true and refer to them and they agree to indemnify and hold Fastweb harmless from any damages, claims and/or penalties arising from and/or in any way related to the User’s breach of the warranty set forth in this clause and/or their violation of the rules for registration with the Website and/or storage of registration credentials.

3.11 Once the purchase has been made, Fastweb will send the Customer, at the e-mail address indicated, confirmation of the order containing the essential information relating to the Ticket purchased, a detailed indication of the price, the means of payment used and contact information. The order confirmation e-mail, which contains a link to the GTC, constitutes confirmation of the Contract concluded on a durable medium within the meaning of Article 51(7) of the Consumer Code. The Customer acknowledges and recognises that, by sending such e-mail, Fastweb has fulfilled its documentation obligations and that, therefore, the Customer is bound by the Contract and is, in particular, obliged to pay the total amount of the Ticket, irrespective of the receipt of the order confirmation e-mail, which is dependent on third parties and/or factors that are outside Fastweb's control (e.g. the e-mail provider used by the Customer);

3.12 The languages available to Users for the conclusion of the contract are Italian and English. Our employees are able to communicate with Users in these languages.

3.13 Payment of the total amount of the Ticket price constitutes a condition precedent for the Contract. In the event of non-payment, the Contract shall be rightfully terminated. Users will be notified immediately of such termination and the consequent cancellation of the order, immediately after the order has been transmitted, via the Website and a specific email sent to the email address provided.

3.14 Ownership of the Tickets shall transfer to the Customer upon conclusion of the Contract.


4. Tickets

4.1 All persons wishing to enter the event venue must be in possession of a valid Ticket.

The Ticket gives its holder right to admission exclusively for the Event for which it has been issued, on the day and at the time indicated on the Ticket.

4.2 Tickets may be purchased on the STEP website, the TOSC website, the TicketOne website or at Authorized TicketOne Points of Sale, at the local STEP ticketing office and, for groups and schools, via the STEP Call Centre by phoning +039 02 33020088.

The Ticket shall not be considered valid if purchased from parties other than those listed above, or if the Ticket has been lost, stolen, duplicated or obtained in breach of these General Terms and Conditions.

4.3 Customers may neither sell nor broker the sale of Tickets. Moreover, Tickets may not be used for political, commercial, advertising or other promotional reasons (such as, for example, prizes in competitions) unless Fastweb has given prior written authorisation.

4.4 Fastweb alone determines the availability of Tickets, establishing the number, price and type of Tickets that will be available for sale. It also determines whether the number of Tickets that can be purchased by Users on the Website via their account is unlimited or whether there is a maximum number of Tickets that can be purchased per account and, if so, how many.

4.5 The categories of Tickets for Visits are described in the special section on the purchase of Tickets. Fastweb sets the price for each category and it includes any pre-sale fees. The price is printed on the Ticket.

Fastweb reserves the right to change the price of the Tickets at any time, it being understood that for Tickets purchased on the Website, the price that will be charged will be the price indicated on the Website and in the Order Summary, and the price will not be subject to changes (increases or decreases) after purchase. In particular, should Fastweb apply a lower price to the same type of Tickets after the Customer has purchased them, this shall not entitle the Customer to a refund of the difference.

4.6 Fastweb has the right to cancel a Ticket, even if it has already been issued, at any time, if there are problems with the actual payment by the Customer.

4.7 Tickets shall be delivered to Users digitally, as specified on the order confirmation that Customers receive once the transaction has been completed.

4.8 Users are responsible for making the Tickets they have purchased available when they enter STEP. Customers are advised to check that the Tickets received relate to the Event for which they have purchased them and that they have received the right number and category of Tickets for the right date.

The access control system will only authorise the entry of one Ticket corresponding to one barcode/QR Code. Any photocopies and/or fraud arising from improper use of the Ticket will be subject to prosecution in accordance with the law and not attributable to Fastweb, which will deny access in all circumstances.

In any event, Fastweb may not in any way be held liable if the Tickets cannot be scanned for reasons outside its direct control.

4.9 By purchasing a Ticket, Customers accept all rules of conduct set out in the Regulations.


5. Means of payment


5.1 Tickets purchased on the Website may be paid for using the payment methods indicated in the following paragraphs and/or any other methods indicated on the Website. In the event of termination of the Contract of Sale and in any other case of reimbursement, for any reason whatsoever, the amount of the reimbursement shall be credited using the same means of payment that the Customer used for the original transaction. If this is not possible, the reimbursement shall be made by bank transfer using the bank details to be provided by the Customer.

5.2 Payment by credit card

Tickets purchased on the Website may be paid for using VISA, MASTERCARD and other credit cards indicated in the "Payment" step of the purchase process, as well as other electronic payment systems where available. The total amount due from the User for the Ticket is charged when the order is transmitted.

Credit card payments are processed through NEXI Payments S.p.A. Corso Sempione 55, 20149 Milan, a NEXI Group company.

Fastweb uses a secure payment service with the SSL security protocol. Confidential credit card data (card number, holder, expiration date, security code) are encrypted and securely transmitted to the payment provider. Therefore, Fastweb never has access to and does not store the data of the credit card that the User uses to pay for the Tickets, the sole exception being the data relating to the card holder.


6. Waiver

Tickets shall not be refunded to Customers who do not attend the Event.

In the event of online sales, pursuant to Article 59, paragraph I, letter n) of the Consumer Code, Customers do not have the right to withdraw as per articles 52 et seq. of the Consumer Code. In fact, the Customer acknowledges that since the purpose of the Contract is the provision of entertainment services to be provided on a specific date, the right of withdrawal provided for in article 52 of the Consumer Code shall not apply. Therefore, the Customer may not exercise this right in relation to the purchase of the Tickets.

7. Event postponement or cancellation

If the schedule and/or the time of the Visit changes, the Customer will be duly informed and will have the right to receive a replacement Ticket or a refund, at Fastweb's discretion and in accordance with the provisions to be made known by Fastweb.

Fastweb may, at any time, cancel a Ticket that has already been issued for technical and/or organisational reasons and/or at the request of the authorities responsible for protecting public order and safety. In this case, the Customer shall be entitled to a refund of the total amount paid for the Ticket, excluding any other costs.

The programme activities will only be confirmed once the minimum number of participants has been reached. If an activity is cancelled, the Customer will have the right to receive a replacement Ticket or cancellation of the booking, at Fastweb's discretion and in accordance with the provisions to be made known by Fastweb.

8. General terms

If one or more of the clauses in these general terms and conditions is inapplicable, the others shall continue to have full effect.

The Contract is governed by Italian law. The Court of Milan shall have exclusive jurisdiction to decide any and all disputes arising out of or in any way connected with the Contract and these General Terms and Conditions.

In the event of conflict between the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, as published in Italian, and the corresponding text published in a foreign language, and in the event of conflict between the Italian version and the foreign version of any other content of the Contract, the Italian version shall prevail.

9. Assistance and Complaints

9.1 You may request information, send communications or make complaints about your purchase using the following contact details:


Call Centre +39 02 33020088

9.2 Pursuant to Article 141-sexies, paragraph III, of the Consumer Code, Fastweb informs the User (Consumer) that, if they have filed a complaint but it has not been possible to resolve the dispute that has arisen, Fastweb will provide information on the Alternative Dispute Resolution body or bodies for the out-of-court settlement of disputes relating to obligations arising from a contract concluded under these GTC (“ADR bodies”, as referred to in Articles 141-bis et seq. of the Consumer Code), stating whether or not it intends to use such bodies to resolve the dispute.

9.3 Moreover, Users residing in a member state of the European Union other than Italy may have access to the European Small Claims Procedure established by Council Regulation (EC) No. 861/2007 of 11 July 2007 for all disputes relating to the application, performance and interpretation of these GTC, provided that the value of the dispute does not exceed €2,000.00, excluding interest, fees and costs. The text of the regulations can be found at

9.4 This is without prejudice to consumers’ rights to bring an action before the competent ordinary court for the dispute arising from these GTC or the Contract, whatever the outcome of the out-of-court settlement procedure, as well as the possibility, if the conditions are met, to pursue the out-of-court settlement of disputes for consumers through recourse to the procedures referred to in Part V, Title II-bis of the Consumer Code.



These regulations are published on STEP's website and are available at STEP's ticket office. They aim to regulate the sale and use of STEP's access ticket, the booking of STEP's Scientific and Cultural Programme activities and the rules of behaviour to be observed inside STEP's premises.

Purchasing a ticket and booking the activities in the Scientific and Cultural Programme, and in any case, access to STEP, involves unconditional acceptance of the Rules and Regulations for all legal intents and purposes.

STEP observes the following opening hours:

  • from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 am to 7 pm

and is closed on the following days:

  • every Monday, 1st January, 25th April, 9th-21st August, 7th-8th December, 25th-26th December

The calendar may be subject to change, and will be published on the STEP website in good time.

The visit lasts about 50 minutes and can be accessed via an app that can be downloaded free of charge onto your smartphone and is available in both English and Italian.

Due to the type of content, the experience is recommended for 11 years and older. However, children under the age of 14 will only be allowed access if accompanied by a responsible adult after signing a realese which is available from the ticket office.


1. Covid-19 provisions

Please refer to the applicable legislation regarding Covid-19 provisions. See for the latest updates.


2. Tickets

Access to STEP is only and exclusively permitted with the purchase of a ticket that must be valid for a specific day and time slot. This ticket is to be shown at the entrance to STEP staff for a quick barcode/QR code check and kept for the duration of the visitor’s time at STEP.

Tickets can be purchased through STEP's website (, at STEP's ticket office, at TicketOne S.p.A.'s website. (, at the T.O.S.C. website. - TicketOne Sistemi Culturali S.r.l. (, at authorised TicketOne S.p.A. resellers or through authorised sales agents whose list is duly published on the official TicketOne website. Groups of more than 10 people and school groups can contact the STEP Call Centre on 02 33020088.

Ticket prices are published on the STEP website, and all prices include VAT.

The price of the Ticket corresponds to the price shown on the Ticket itself; no retailer may apply pre-sale fees and/or additional service charges, which are already absorbed in full by STEP, and STEP shall in no way be held responsible for the application of such surcharges.

In order for free and reduced price tickets to be issued, visitors must show the ticket office staff an identity document or proof of membership for the categories for which concessions are granted (e.g. disability certificate, tour guide or tour leader card, journalists' card or proof of status as a teacher).

Pricing policies for free and/or reduced price categories are defined at STEP's sole discretion or stipulated through special agreements with different bodies and associations. Free tickets cannot be sold online for security reasons.

Ticket payment methods are different depending on where they are purchased.

Depending on the method of purchase used, the Ticket may be issued in the following formats:

  • in paper format, if purchased at the STEP Ticket Office or from authorised TicketOne retailers;
  • in digital format, if purchased through web and telephone channels. Digital tickets can be shown at the entrance to STEP staff from the visitor’s smartphone or printed on paper and presented at STEP for a quick barcode/QR code check.

The Ticket cannot be changed or refunded in any way, even if the visitor decides not to visit STEP for personal reasons.

Please note that visiting times may change, in which case the visitor will be informed by e-mail and will receive a ticket refund via the same method used to purchase the ticket.

In the event of a change in the schedule and/or the time of the visit, STEP will inform the visitor about how to obtain a replacement Ticket or a refund.

It is advisable to arrive at STEP fifteen minutes before the time of the booking, as it will not be possible to enter the tour after that time.

3. Tickets for scientific and cultural activities

Visitors must book a specific day and time in order to participate in the scientific and cultural activities. A ticket will be issued against the booking and must be valid for a specific day and time slot, shown at the entrance to STEP staff for a quick check of the barcode/QR code and kept for the duration of their time at STEP.

The activities will take place in the STEP space in the Theatre or the Classroom; the location of the specific activity will be stated on the ticket.

Bookings can be made via the STEP website or at the STEP ticket office.

Scientific and Cultural Programme activities will only be confirmed once the minimum number of participants has been reached. In the event that an activity is cancelled, STEP will inform you how to obtain a replacement ticket or cancel your booking.


4. Ticket office opening hours

The STEP ticket office is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 am to 6 pm.

The following payment methods are available at the cash desk:

  • Credit cards
  • Cash


5. Services and accessibility

Some preliminary information on accommodating visitors with disabilities is provided on the STEP website, but it is advisable to contact the STEP call centre for more specific information and to ensure the best possible accessibility.


6. Rules of Conduct

The visitor consents to brief security checks prior to access, which may also be extended to bags or other personal items in the Customer’s possession. These preventive measures are only ordered by the Public Safety Authorities and carried out by the personnel in charge of access control and security.

For their own safety, visitors are required to pay the utmost attention inside STEP and to comply with the notices and rules of conduct displayed. Areas that are off-limits to the public will be clearly marked and STEP cannot be held liable for the consequences of using these areas and/or for any careless or negligent behaviour by the Customer.

The visitor must also respect the tranquillity of others, not disturbing the group or preventing the normal course of the planned activities. Please therefore mute the ringtone and sound on mobile phones and other mobile devices.

The route of the visit is determined to allow the full enjoyment of the experience and to facilitate the flow of the public; therefore, visitors must not leave the route and not go through any barriers.

Video surveillance areas are marked by signs in accordance with Article 3.1 of the Garante's Measure on video-surveillance, which are clearly visible in all ambient lighting conditions, and which also indicate the purposes for the surveillance. These signs are placed before the range of the cameras. The extended information on video surveillance (pursuant to Article 13 of Regulation (EU) 679/2016 and Article 3.1 of the Garante's Measure on video surveillance of 8 April 2010) is available at STEP's ticket office and can be consulted online on STEP's website.

The reception and accompanying staff are available to visitors for general information and assistance.

The following objects and/or objects of the same nature and/or type are not allowed to be brought into STEP:

  • generally speaking, the weapons stated under the combined provisions of the Criminal Code (Art. 585 and 704) and the TULPS (Consolidated Text of Laws on Public Security - Art. 30), the legislation in force on the subject and particularly Law No. 110 of 18 April 1975, and subsequent amendments and additions, including but not limited to firearms and non-firearms, toy weapons, flammable material, etc.;
  • more specifically, pistols, firearms, explosive devices, explosive material, pyrotechnic devices, smoke bombs, illuminating torches, toy weapons, reproductions and imitations of firearms that can be mistaken for real weapons; compressed air or carbon dioxide weapons, such as pistols, pellet guns, carbines and ball guns; rocket launchers and starter pistols; bows, crossbows and arrows; harpoon launchers and spear guns; slingshots and catapults; neutralising devices, such as stun guns, teasers and electric-shock batons; instruments for stunning and killing animals; chemical substances, gases and sprays capable of producing disabling or incapacitating effects, such as irritant sprays, tear gas, acids and animal repellents; cutting implements, such as axes, swords, sabres, hatchets and cleavers, ice axes and ice picks, razor blades, box cutters, knives, scissors, with the exception of: nail files and clippers, small scissors, small scissors with a rounded tip, eyelash curlers, everything contained in the use of small personal travel cases, winter and summer sun umbrellas, selfie sticks for photographs; objects with a sharp point, martial arts equipment with a sharp point or pointed end; helmets of any type, even if they are carried; laser pointers; balloons; sound instruments (drums, trumpets, musical instruments of any kind), megaphones and other systems for emitting or amplifying sound; poisons, harmful substances, flammable material with the exception of gel sanitiser products for personal use, deodorants of any nature or type in a 100 g /169 ml format, lighters, perfumes up to a maximum of 100 ml (large size), hairpins and pins of any kind, paints or other soiling material with the exception of writing and drawing instruments; the consumption of food and drink of any kind is prohibited, with the exception of medicines in glass cases;
  • animals, albeit small ones (except guide dogs for the visually impaired and blind);
  • banners, placards, horizontal standards, weathervanes, documents, drawings, printed material or writing, signs and symbols containing propaganda with political, ideological, sporting or religious doctrines.

At STEP it is also completely forbidden:

  • to bring in psychotropic and narcotic substances for any reason whatsoever;
  • to engage in any behaviour that is contrary to public order and/or morality and/or that could lead to dangerous situations and/or endanger the personal safety of visitors, service personnel and the technological installations present on STEP's premises, architectural structures and installations in any way;
  • to access and/or to attempt to access restricted areas; for unauthorised persons to sell goods or to sell them in unauthorised places and to request money or other goods without being authorised;
  • to use professional cameras or video cameras without prior authorisation; in order to take professional photos and videos, please contact the STEP ticket office in advance;
  • children under the age of 14 not accompanied by a responsible adult may not enter the premises without signing a realease which is available from the ticket office; children under the age of 14 may not be left on the premises without adult supervision. Adults are responsible for the behaviour of accompanying minors and for any damage caused to the facility;
  • to consume food or drink in the exhibition halls and areas where this is not expressly provided for;
  • to leave paper, cans, bottles or other waste, unless they are placed in the appropriate containers, in areas outside the visitor's route;

Should visitors fail to comply with the "Rules of Conduct", the visitor assistance staff shall be entitled to ask people to identify themselves in order to protect the safety and peace of mind of visitors, and in the event that unauthorised behaviour persists, the visitor assistance staff shall be entitled to activate procedures to have those responsible for such behaviours removed by the security staff. STEP also reserves the right to contact the Public Safety Authority in the most serious of situations. STEP is relieved of all liability in relation to non-compliance with the rules set out in this section.

If entry is refused due to non-compliance with the rules of conduct, no refund of the ticket will be due.


7. Smartphone provision

If visitors do not have a smartphone to use for the tour, they can request a device at the ticket office.

The smartphone can be collected upon showing an identity document as a guarantee and must be returned at the end of the visit. If the smartphone is lost, tampered with or it breaks and this is attributable to the user, a €100.00 (one hundred euro) penalty shall be applied.


8. Storing small items

In order to access the tour, suitcases, bags, bulky backpacks and umbrellas must be stored away in advance, and must be collected at the end of the visit. In this regard, lockers will be available for visitors only.

Visitors may use the locker for a maximum of 60 minutes from the start of the visit, which is the estimated time for the visit whilst also taking into account public order requirements.

For security reasons, any objects left behind after STEP's opening hours will be removed and handed over to the police. Possible police intervention will be assessed in accordance with the law. STEP denies all responsibility in the event of any loss, damage or theft of the items stored in the lockers.


9. Special rules for groups and schools

This section contains rules, which, in addition to the rules in the previous sections, which are general in nature and applicable to anyone accessing STEP, are addressed to those who wish to visit as part of a group. For the purposes of this section of the Regulations, groups are considered to be a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 14 people (excluding the guide and/or chaperones).

Groups can book the date and time of their visit via the STEP Call Centre.

Bookings can be made at least one week before the chosen date.

STEP reserves the right to change the possibility of booking at any time due to organisational requirements and any type of special events at particular times of the day or year.

The Booking may be subject to cancellation due to STEP’s other organisational and particular needs; the service staff will communicate such changes as soon as possible via e-mail or through the contacts provided at the time of the Booking.

School groups will always be provided with smartphones, which can be collected from the ticket office provided the chaperone is able to present an identity document. The smartphones must be returned to the ticket office at the end of the visit. If the users lose, tamper with or break the smartphones, a €100 penalty + VAT (if applicable) will be applied and must be paid at the ticket office.

Teachers can make use of the information and programmes available on the STEP website in the “Learning" section, in order to organise the visit for the groups in the most effective way, in relation to the curriculum and the level of education of their pupils. Teachers are responsible for the behaviour of the pupils entrusted to them. It will be their task to ensure the children behave in a way that is consistent with the requirements of these regulations.

In order to allow all the preparations for the visit to be carried out, visitors are asked to arrive at the ticket office at least 15 minutes before the time of the visit.


10. Emergency procedures

Please refer to the emergency floor plans displayed at STEP, and identify the escape route to take in the event of an emergency.

In the event that an emergency arises:

  • stop what you are doing;
  • follow the instructions given by the tour guide and visitor assistance staff or the internal emergency management staff who are recognisable by their bibs.

In the event of an evacuation order following an emergency:

  • go to the safe place by following the appropriate signs, using the nearest emergency exit;
  • get to the assembly point outside the building as quickly as possible without running;
  • wait for the all-clear signal before leaving the assembly point.

In any case:

  • do not leave any equipment or materials near to escape routes, passageways and emergency exits;
  • do not obstruct access or visibility of emergency fire-fighting equipment (fire extinguishers, hydrants, etc.);
  • do not obstruct the visibility of safety signs.

There are several first aid kits at STEP: please ask one of the accompanying staff members if one is required.

Anyone who sees any incidents or strange occurrences that may suggest a possible dangerous situation must report them immediately to STEP staff, and should not act themselves.


11. Reports and complaints

Visitors can report any complaints to the ticket office and through the contacts stated on the STEP website.