Tech,si gira!

Screenings and conversations about cinema and the future

STEP offers a unique and original film festival, a journey through films that have explored and are exploring the future of technology and humanity. After the screening of the film in its entirety, there will be a debate moderated by Massimo Temporelli, accompanied by leading guests.

All Tech, si gira! events are free of charge with prior booking, subject to availability.

Very often, science fiction has got ahead on themes that later became reality and everyday life for us; when it comes to digital technology, in these very months we are witnessing how some cinematic visions and insights are coming true that deserve our attention and reflection, from robotics to artificial intelligence.  

This film series is an opportunity to share dreams, expectations and perhaps fears for the future of humanity. We believe that this is the right time to do it (or to go back to it) and we believe that STEP is the ideal place to host this debate, following on from our commitment to discuss issues concerning technologies and the future.

Aware of the complexity of the technological world in which we live, led by the scientific director of the festival Massimo Temporelli (physicist and scientific adviser), we will discuss the themes proposed by the screening of the various films together with big guests who will come to visit us. And of course, inspired by the tradition of film forums, at the end of the meeting there will also be space for the audience’s shared reflections and questions.

During the intermission, a snack will be offered as is typically the case during screenings.

This is a unique experience and an unmissable opportunity for anyone interested in exploring the intersection of technology, film and society, and reflecting on the ethical and human challenges emerging in our increasingly connected and technologically advanced world.

Lastly, STEP provides further insight through a podcast edited by Massimo Temporelli for those who are interested.

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With the Tech, si gira! card, you get access to the special six-part in-depth podcast created by Massimo Temporelli exclusively for the film festival. The card also gives you the chance to visit the interactive STEP FuturAbility District at no extra cost!

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