A Wearable Safari: beyond wearable technologies

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A Wearable Safari: beyond wearable technologies

This activity is only available in italian

Creating smart textile surfaces and clothes and data visualisations is now within the grasp of all interested citizens.

Participants, split into groups, will be tasked with creating a smart object using KeWe Kit, a kit of textile sensors developed by Weabios and WeMake that will be made available to those taking part.

The workshop will last 4 hours and will be led by Lucia Arcarisi of Weabios, Sara Savian and Mauro Alfieri of WeMake, and Chiara Di Lodovico, researcher at Milan Polytechnic.

Participants will be allowed to use their own computers (BYOD) in addition to the 10 made available by the organisation

Programme appointments must be booked and this can be done online, subject to availability.

Realizzato in collaborazione con   FDA   per    Milano Digital Week