Interactive tour

Your immersive journey at STEP starts here. No spoilers!
How much future is there in you and STEP?

STEP is an observation point, a space that changes and updates in real time, to reveal the Future to us.

Step by STEP

In 10 steps you will meet the Future inside you, through dynamic installations, immersive spaces and multimedia screens.

Introducing Forward

Have you ever had a virtual guide? We’re happy to introduce you to Forward.

Have you ever experienced Augmented Reality?

The future never stops, and neither do we. That's why we've implemented some areas of the path to let you immerse even better in new technologies. The robots and drones can't wait to meet you!

Do you want to know what the professions of the Future will be?

That’s right, there are jobs that can take you straight into tomorrow. This is explained by the protagonists of a dedicated room at STEP.

FuturAbility what?

At STEP you will discover your propensity for the Future, we have called it "FuturAbility". Depending on the result, you will receive personalised advice on how to continue living your Future.

Have you downloaded the app yet?

We know, another app. But think about it: how else could you communicate with a virtual guide?