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After Work, 2023, Erik Gandini, with Noam Chomsky, Elon Musk, Armando Pizzoni, Elisabeth Anderson (II)
Massimo Temporelli will be moderating the debate after the screening
accompanied by Roberta Cocco, Davide Dattoli and Matteo Sarzana

STEP is presenting a special evening that, building on the themes addressed in the documentary film 'After Work', will focus on the future of work, exploring how recent technological developments and social trends are shaping and reshaping the employment landscape. 
The evening will be moderated by Massimo Temporelli and will feature three huge names from the world of innovation in industry and the digitisation of products and services, namely Roberta Cocco, Matteo Sarzana and Davide Dattoli. During the event, the three guests will discuss changes in the world of work from the past to the future, providing unique perspectives and insights into how the world of work will evolve.  

The discussion will, as always, end with an open debate, where the audience is invited to participate with questions and reflections on the topics addressed by the guests and the film.  

For those who wish to explore the topics covered in the film a little further, a podcast by Massimo Temporelli will be available that will extend the discussion beyond the event.

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With the Tech, si gira! card, you get access to the special six-part in-depth podcast created by Massimo Temporelli exclusively for the film festival. The card also gives you the chance to visit the interactive STEP FuturAbility District at no extra cost!

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Discussion with
Massimo Temporelli
Physicist and scientific adviser

Massimo Temporelli is 50 years old and holds a degree in Physics; he has worked as a curator at the National Science and Technology Museum of Milan for 10 years. Today, he is a digital fabrication entrepreneur, consultant and keynote speaker on innovation, with a particular focus on the human-technology relationship with all the anthropological and sociological repercussions that this relationship entails and will entail. 

He is chairman and co-founder of TheFabLab, a digital fabrication lab headquartered in Milan. He was a TEDx speaker in 2012 (Florence) and 2020 (Turin). He has appeared on popular science television programmes for Sky and Rai. He is the author and voice of the popular podcast F***ing Genius ( He writes for the magazines Wired and Millionaire and his latest book is entitled Noi siamo tecnologia (Mondadori, Strade blu, 2021). In 2016 he won the “Federico Faggin Innovation Award”. He has been an AIRC ambassador since 2017.

Roberta Cocco
Academic and digital transformation expert

Expert in digital transformation, former consultant to the Ministry of Technological Innovation and the Digital Transition in the Draghi Government, first Digital Transformation and Municipal Services Officer of the Municipality of Milan. She had a long career at Microsoft, with managerial, national and international positions, right through to Director of National Plan Development for Western Europe, in 12 nations. 

She is an adjunct professor at Bocconi University and LIUC of Castellanza. Committed to civil rights, in particular gender equality and the spread of digital culture, she is a member of various national and international networks. She is an independent director on a number of Boards. In 2010 she was honoured with the “Commendatore dell’Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana” by the President of the Italian Republic.

Davide Dattoli
Founder and President of Talent Garden

Founder and President of Talent Garden, Europe's largest digital training group that brings together the job and education market for individuals, start-ups and companies through its Academies in more than 12 European markets. Every year he trains more than 25,000 talents in digital skills and runs corporate academies for Europe's largest groups.

Davide Dattoli was named by Forbes as one of the '30 under 30' most influential people in the technology sector in Europe, and by Wired as one of the 'TOP 5 innovators' in Italy. He is an angel investor in various European start-ups and a keynote speaker at many international events  He is a member of Endeavor, a business that selects the best entrepreneurs globally, the board of Spencer Stuart, an international head hunter, Be Consulting, one of the largest European consulting groups in the financial world, Digital Magics, the largest listed startup incubator in Italy, the Telethon Foundation, one of the largest foundations in Italy active in the research of rare diseases, and Zenith Service, a company active in securitisation services and structured finance.


Matteo Sarzana
General Manager at Deliveroo for Italy and Belgium

General Manager at Deliveroo for Italy and Belgium, a London-based start-up that launched in Italy in September 2015. In 6 years Deliveroo has reached more than 1,700 places in Italy and employs more than 200 people in its Milan office.  

Before delivering pizzas, Matteo managed the 350,000 creatives at Zooppa's online community, creating crowdsourced content for top brands in Italy.  

Matteo started his career at WPP in 2003 and founded VML, a US-based digital communications agency, in Italy in 2008.  

In addition to his work, he participates as a speaker at numerous events for major Italian brands and in support of start-ups. 

He wrote a book 'App Economy', which was the first in Italy to describe the potential of the app-based economy. 

 "The value of a mistake is immensely higher than the cost of never having tried".