Robots that serve the community

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Robotics will be essential when it comes to maintaining our current standard of living and keeping companies competitive. The service sector, which is crucial for Italy's GDP, faces a structural shortage of qualified personnel. By supporting professionals, robotics could be a key element in optimising operations and improving efficiency. Very soon we will have thousands of robots in our public spaces. We therefore need to educate ourselves and create a framework of standards for their arrival to our cities.

Francisco Javier Martín Romo, born in Salamanca, Spain, is an expert in robotics in the service sector. A graduate in Law from the University of Salamanca, he continued his studies with an MBA in Business Administration and different training in robotics, artificial intelligence and human-robot interaction.
Francisco's career started in hospitality management and developed in destinations such as London, Dubai and Oman. In 2015, an encounter with the company Moley Robotics' project in London sparked his interest in the use of robotics in services. Today, he is the Country Manager for Italy and Iberia at Keenon Robotics EMEA in Milan.
Francisco is an advocate for the application of AI and robotics in hospitality, contributing as Content Director at the Foodservice Robotics Pioneers event hosted at HIP Madrid. He is a member of the Urban Robotics Foundation and founder of the Hospitality Robotics Group